Jim's Story

Jim Hilton

Alongside his full time career as a mechanical engineer, Jim, like many of you, has personal hobbies. As a life long fisherman and hunter, he has had his fair share of good meat in the freezer. He has adventured through most of Kentucky, landing primarily in the LaRue County area. In all the years sitting in a tree, canoeing across a lake, swapping out tackle, he has seen many beautiful things.

His outdoor bent stems from his father, but his creative talent most definitely comes from his mother. She painted, penciled, and wrote.

Later in life, the combination of his two favorite things in life, the great outdoors and creativity, merged. Occasionally Jim would sit in a tree stand, but with his gun set still against the tree trunk; or he would walk, not to be too loud, but not to hunt, rather to listen & watch. He then sat and created the paintings you view on this site. As well as many other landscapes, flowers, and scenery.

He continues his passions as artist and passes the creativity on to his children. Scott, cartoonist/illustrator; Cliff, Designer/illustrator; Barbara, Early childhood education specialist; and Matthew, Video Director/development.

The Current Store Gallery

Below are some of Jim's artwork we have for purchase. You can buy with or without frames (see options here).